Well, I got bored of the Aion beta pretty quickly. It’s a lovely game, but it’s not casual player friendly. And hardly solo-able either. So, with that shot, I turned back to SL for a bit.. only to find that I am in a build frenzy, meaning, I’m making the dresses, getting the Silver color done for them and then turning around and working on another gown. I figure well, I’ll have more to release this way and might actually have a buffer for when “Stuff Happens.” I can do color waves when the building frenzy is over.

Gotta love being ridden by the Muse.. just wish she didn’t use a bit and spurs.



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Wow, I’ve been a busy little brat this week. I think I’ve released three dresses this week, and while they might look similar, it’s because I had a “chain of ideas” that when I did Simple Time 2, it worked into Diner Time and Diner Time gave me the idea of what to do with Home Time 2.

Funny how that happens sometimes. Now I’m nursing a very painful finger from the “nintendo-itis” of button pushing. I’ll live, however.

One of my three vendor servers decided it hated me. I think I have it fixed, tested and ready to go back into service. Don’t know what happened to cause it, but I’m going to chalk it up to, “It’s SL. There is no explanation beyond that.”

Before you tar and feather me, the only place I haven’t been active is here. I’ve released three, maybe six dresses since the last post. It’s just been a pain to keep up with all my sources of communication and the only reason I got the blog was because for a bit LL required us to have a wordpress account to post on their idiotic blog.

Anyways, today/night, I released three dresses and the two groups I post updates to received a free dress. Today, I released Heart Time 2, Garden Time 2 and Bee Time.

So I got an interesting letter in the mail, from Cambridge Who’s Who. Things in () are purely protecting my interests and were not in the actual letter.

Dear Raudf (not my RL name but I don’t post that willingly)

You were recently appointed as a biographical candidate to represent (Your City), AR in the 2009/2010 online Cambridge Who’s Who Registry among Executive and Professional Women…..

I didn’t get any further into the letter before falling into the floor laughing my behind off. First off, in RL, I’m not an executive of anything other than my own home. The only profession I claim is in the fine art of playing video games, doing housework (laughably) and annoying people.

Maybe by the standards of my city/town, I might… might be considered a professional, since SL does support itself as a hobby.. but I highly doubt in the greater scheme of things that I count as professional. So, being as, well, not stupid, I decided to sniff the internets on this one. Of course, my hunch was right and it seems to have many, many issues, such as possible hard, pushy sales tactics if you send in the card or do fill out your bio stuff.

So, I shredded the card, but I’m keeping the letter to amuse my friends and family with. I mean, this is probably the most laughable thing I have ever seen.

Edit, From their website, I was “chosen” for this “honor” because I am on the web, might benefit from their networking services and am well on my way to becoming a leader in my profession? Wait… I can become a leader among “House Spouses?!”

That requires thought.. you see, if I *were* to become leader in my profession, I’d want to rule the world, with the house spouses being on the top of the food chain and politicians being at the bottom…

Lavish Time YellowPIC

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Or, I suck at blogging.

Yay, I finally got this one finished, packaged and up for sale. It’s been done since last Wednesday, but…. I got busy RL side. No not with MIL issues… that’s done and past as far as my family is concerned. No, this was me simply not being home because my side of the family decided that me being home equaled bad things.

Any how, this gown is a formal take on the Classy Time, which I don’t think I announced here, because I suck at blogging.

Oh and devs at World of Warcraft… if you could please, stop using the newbie areas for major events. Expand out to the major cities, so that people don’t get sick and tired of people whining about how they can’t get eggs due to people camping the spawns.

Between the Noblegarden whining and the fact that the game doesn’t really *start* until you hit 80.. and do nothing but raids, I got rather bored. I love the game otherwise, but… it’s just not my thing.

Okay, so… umm.. not exactly true. I am better, thanks to the fact that the MIL was considered competent and well, we’re stepping out of the PoA, due to me not being the best person to do the job. I freely admit that if you want someone to take care of you, you do not want ME doing the work. I have all the bedside manner of a rabid squirrel and pretty much everything devolves from there. Don’t worry, she’s got someone else who can pick up the ball and it’s someone she can open up to.

That said, today was the first time in a bit that I logged on to actually work. I’ve got two dresses in the works, one a ball type and the other a slender line walking suit. I’m trying something different with the walking suit, so it might take me a bit to get something released.

I didn’t realize how much I missed working in SL, until I just did it. It’s very relaxing and vexing at the same time. Something about cursing at the build tools just seems soothing, I guess.

That said, expect Classy Time to be released and whatever I decide to name the ball style… within the next week. I found that I’m completely rusty! *cries*